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        Welcome to Changzhou bidafu plastic profile co., ltd! Main products: PC tube, PC lampshade, acrylic lampshade, etc
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        Causes of Profile Smoothness and Solutions

        Profiles in the production process will produce poor product finish phenomenon, resulting in poor profile finish is the reason, what is the solution?

        1. Reasons for poor gloss of products: low gloss of dies and low temperature of dies

        2. Relevant knowledge

        1. Because the surface smoothness of the product (the total area in contact with the die) is determined by the surface smoothness of the die, if the die smoothness is not good, the product smoothness will become worse because of the small concave and convex surface, so in the transparent material products, the transmittance of light will also decline, and the transparency will decline.

        2. Because of the high temperature of the mould, the smoothness will be better, so a lot of warm water circulation is used in the mould to keep the mould temperature at a certain value, so that the heat of the product can be transferred immediately, which can shorten the cycle and get the products with low residual stress.

        3. In order to get a high smoothness die, hard chromium plating is used on the surface of the die, but it is difficult to repair the damaged die.

        3. Solutions

        Instant: Increase the Temperature of Mould

        Short-term: Improve the surface finish of die products

        Long-term: use hard die materials, use diamond grinding powder for grinding processing.

        4. Due to material differences

        Because the material with poor fluidity contacts with the surface of die products, that is, curing immediately, it can not be very good with the surface of die products. Moreover, the evaporation of volatile matter in materials and materials which are not fully pre-dried and condensed in contact with the die exists between the product and the die, which makes the product become poor smoothness. The materials with good smoothness are: GPPS, ABS, PP.

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