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        What's the difference between PP pipe and PE pipe?

        In recent years, PP and PE pipes are widely used as new environmentally friendly building materials. Both PP and PE pipes have the characteristics of non-toxicity, odorless, corrosion resistance and low temperature resistance. So what are the differences between the two kinds of pipelines?

        PP pipe is a thermoplastic resin - polypropylene which is synthesized by polymerization of propylene. Polypropylene, a thermoplastic resin, has the smallest density in general plastics, but its comprehensive properties are high raw materials for pipes. PP pipes are made of polypropylene. The properties of PP pipes are good corrosion resistance, heat stability and mechanical properties. In addition, the raw materials have high toxicity and odorless safety, smooth surface, light texture, and are easy to transport and install.

        The chemical name of the raw material for PE pipe production is polyethylene, which is a thermoplastic resin synthesized from ethylene. Its greatest characteristic is low temperature resistance, good chemical performance, and can withstand the corrosion of most acid-base media. PE pipe has light weight, good toughness, good low temperature resistance, non-toxicity, cheaper price and high impact strength, but it has low compressive and tensile strength, thermal solution welding, flange thread connection drinking water pipe, rainwater pipe, gas pipeline and industrial corrosion-resistant pipeline.

        The chemical name of the raw material of PP pipe is polypropylene, which is polymerized from propylene, and is also a thermoplastic resin. Besides the advantages of corrosion resistance and non-toxicity, the most obvious feature of PP pipe itself is its high strength and high surface hardness. The characteristics of PP pipe are better corrosion resistance, heat-resistant stability and mechanical properties, and the toxic and odorless safety of raw materials is higher. It has smooth surface and light texture, and is easy to transport and install. It is widely used in building and household water supply pipes.

        At present, PP pipe and PE pipe have advantages in use frequency. The strength of PP pipe is better than that of PE pipe. PE pipe is softer than PP pipe, and its low temperature resistance is better than that of PP pipe. Therefore, it is necessary to select suitable pipe materials according to different use places and field application requirements.

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