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        Welcome to Changzhou bidafu plastic profile co., ltd! Main products: PC tube, PC lampshade, acrylic lampshade, etc
        Changzhou bidafu plastic profile co., ltd

        Professional Production of PC Tubes, Acrylic

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        Address:Hutang Town, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province
        Email:[email protected]
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        2019-01-03Causes of Profile Smoothness and Solutions

        Because the surface smoothness of the product (the total area in contact with the die) is determined……[Know More]

        2019-01-03Performance and Advantages of PC Pipe

        PC pipe is a kind of amorphous thermoplastic resin with excellent comprehensive properties. It has e……[Know More]

        2019-01-03Causes and Solutions of Profile Groove

        Profiles will have dents in the production process, so what is the reason for the dents? What is the……[Know More]

        2019-01-03Three Aspects of Improving the Thermal Conductivity of PVC Plastic Pipes

        With the development of industry and science and technology, some fields require very high thermal c……[Know More]

        2019-01-03Influencing factors of fluidity in plastic profile extrusion?

        Low molecular weight, wide molecular weight distribution, poor regularity of molecular structure, hi……[Know More]

        2019-01-03What's the difference between PP pipe and PE pipe?

        In recent years, PP and PE pipes are widely used as new environmentally friendly building materials.……[Know More]

        2019-01-03PC (Polycarbonate) Technology and Introduction

        PC can be injection moulded, extruded, moulded, blow moulded, hot moulded, printed, bonded, coated a……[Know More]

        2019-01-03The Difference and Use of PP, PVC, PE, PS, ABS, PC Pipe Materials

        Polypropylene. It is odorless, tasteless and non-toxic. It is the lightest resin in common use. The ……[Know More]

        2019-01-03The Function and Application Range of Plastic Pipe

        With the development of industry and science and technology, some fields require very high thermal c……[Know More]

        2019-01-03Three Application Areas of PC Tube Material

        PC materials are widely used and can be used in all walks of life. They are indispensable materials ……[Know More]

        2019-01-03How to distinguish PVC from TPE?

        Plastic profiles are widely used. There are many engineering plastic materials in plastic products, ……[Know More]

        2019-01-03Reasons for affecting shrinkage of plastic profiles?

        The shrinkage rate of thermoplastic products is larger than that of thermosetting plastics because o……[Know More]

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